Alexandre Aschenbach

Valuing Work and Self-Motivation


The virtuous circle of recovery Professional and Self Motivation is something that can not be ignored. In the relentless search for professionals who meet the company needs, many companies forget to do your part. Very often officials also expect to receive your bit and leave the responsibility of the motivation for the company.

On a bike, the act of maintaining a speed that depends on their feet, alternately putting pressure on the pedals. So also is the career professional in the company. Alternately forces must be applied for the company to continue the good work and continue working in good company.

When the forces no longer push your pedal is a sign that something is wrong.

But who is a good professional? And who is good company? And how to keep these two forces acting in a positive way, while the bike to lose speed?

Try to answer these questions, through my vision and experience, this paper divided into two parts. The first part deals with the professional, how it fits into the company and how to motivate themselves (or not). It's called Self Motivation. The second part deals with the company's vision of how she sees the work as it has and the value (or not). It's called professional development.

As always, I am aware that the matter does not end here and, further, that my opinion may not be yours. However, as intelligent beings we are, we learn from all opinions, especially with those of our disagreement.

Self Motivation

Whatever the excuses which are in any case that the company face the professional, independent of reciprocal actions, nothing should prevent the professional self motivate. Rather, they must be used as impetus for improving indoor and outdoor professional.

And it is part of the function of any self motivate. It is the awakening to work happy and satisfied, eagerly awaiting the challenge which will be submitted. This is not enough to expect the company to make the first push, you need willpower, faith in yourself and realize that in life, every moment is a victory, every breath a great effort and every drop of sweat a great trophy.

Motivation comes from within, comes the certainty that it is necessary to get up and go to fight, comes from family members, has the goals of life that comes from the innocuous battle against their own fears and demons. Some would call this "push" to the self motivation of faith, others will power, some still in financial need and, sadly, others would call it survival. But the only difference between a source or another is the result: joy or apathy?

I can not see another way: joy is the best option because it is what allows the work environment is healthy, that the group in which we live is a further and that we can overcome barriers and difficulties with minimal scratches .

There is no point to apathy, because it contaminates the work environment and results in the interruption of production flow. Moreover, if one can choose to spread the joy, good humor and willingness of a group or, conversely, apathy, moodiness and depression, what is the wisest choice?

You can not deny that the tribulations of day-to-day outside the company or even unpleasant occurrences that occur within it discourage, discouraged, but there is a personal choice as to face and, especially, react to such events. Who is discouraging easily because it needs to be constantly being "inflated", "pushed". If the person and professional to rely on others, then the confusion is formed, as each one pushes us to where you want, where, typically, is more interesting for him than for us.

It is therefore imperative that we have goals and well plotted. Knowing where we want to reach is the key point for self motivation, because this knowledge gives us the ability to trace the path we must follow to reach our goals. So we are not hostage to the effort of others, but, instead, we take care of our own way.

For this reason I am saying is that we choose as our reactions. Simpler than it looks, just that when confronted or affronted in any event we collect inside ourselves and see what the possible contribution from the moment lived to the achievement of our goals.

If so, then every day and every moment is part of our journey in search of success that we ourselves have set for our lives, so there is no way to discourage. Disenchanted is who lost the goals, who has lost his way and not see where else you want to go.

Of course there is the need for an internal working around the brutal self-discipline and self control, but the result of this work is fully reversed for those who complete successfully.

Moreover, if you find yourself discouraged because someone did something that displeased him, or because the company you work for does not satisfy you, remember that you are always master of the situation, that is up to you to take a attitude. Do not expect pity or compassion, work. Stay away from who you dislike, change of company, but not stop, do not give up, because this withdrawal is reflected in yourself.

Professional Valuation

The Recovery Professional is the company's motivation for the professional.

Every professional search, and if they are provided with all basic schools, the Valuation Professional, or, as said before, the motivation side of the company. Professional believes that this is only achieved in good companies and good business is one that allows the professional to use their skills as best as possible so that it will grow professionally and personally, that meets your needs and learn to value their work and knowledge .

But the professional must be good, and who is a good professional? Good work, do not be deceived, is one that meets the needs of the company. There is much more to say about it if we understand that the company also has limitations.

Let's understand this.

Sometimes a selection process has as a requirement, for example, fluency in English. Often, after hiring, you realize that English is not used in any way. Another example is a prerequisite knowledge of Cost ABC, for example, then the employee who contracts the company does not use, has no provision to use and sometimes not really know what it is. Why then ordered? Just because you're in the job descriptions made by someone in the past? This is not a new situation, by contrast, is classic: the company in finding the best professional, end up paying more for something that she does not.


We can understand this action as a way to get people to "go beyond" people who may in future bring more benefits to the company. I think, however, that the company is then in that direction, you want to go beyond, to be prepared for all forms for that because otherwise it will just hire another employee, paying more than worth the chair, which soon become a being dissatisfied or accommodated. Neither situation is healthy.

May seem to you that I am describing the theory of simplistic, and another approach would say that if we only staff able to do what is necessary (and nothing else), then we are stagnant. I agree with that approach too, but still wonder how much the company is prepared for the employee.

Everything works just like a game to fit the pieces: a larger piece can be squeezed to fit into a smaller hole, but at some point will "jump" out of the game. That will not happen if you have plans to increase the hole, but not what we're dealing with, since many companies have a set of snaps and did not know or do not want to invest to "increase the holes."

Moreover, there are chairs that do not actually need anything more. Without prejudice and without ignoring any activity, so that, effectively, someone who will clean must have a license? Except in specific cases (read VERY specific), we must maintain the acceptable standard of each professional to each chair. Thus the "game fit" will be perfect. The pieces just come and we can then obtain the best result of each professional, with no leftovers or shortages, just necessary.

Nothing against those who have something more than their position or function needs, since individual growth is important, but nothing to require something that is unnecessary or superfluous in the medium term.

All that to say that when the work fits perfectly into the company, he (as far as the company) is happier. Happiness and satisfaction are essential elements in professional development.

This recovery begins in the care of defining the position, and of course there is the definition of the job is motivating factor.

It follows, of course, the so-called Career Plan. More than a plan for the trader, is a plan for the company, because growth, evolution of the professional will be reflected in the growth and development of the company. Rather than reflect, however, must be the foundation and driver for this growth.

Companies that are filled with persons who do not grow or are not interested in improving, are examples of miserable venture. In contrast, companies that know where and how an employee comes in, where he is every now and where it should arrive in the future for the company's goals are reached, are entrepreneurs.

If the company does not specify to which they must grow, professionals who work in it grow in the direction that pleases you most. We see examples in droves of sellers attending college for architecture, systems analysts graduating lawyers, financial professionals taking courses in web designer. Yes, they are free, but they saw some opportunity in the career they are taking? The company instructed them, they suggested a way?

Far from going full responsibility for the company and the way that the individual must follow, it is the responsibility of the company to establish itself clearly and objectively the way you want your employee to follow. Again, this must be done from the standpoint of the company, showing the employee what are the responsibilities and benefits of its growth on the lines suggested, and more, making clear what are the points that will grow in the organization.

Just as previously said to be self motivating professional goals and needs, say the company needs to demonstrate what its goals and objectives, what her needs, and tailor the benefits of achieving these goals and objectives in order to reversing them also employees that help to achieve them.

And with that we opened another point, because the officials also want to be part of that growth, they also want the credit for their collaboration and achievement of goals. We then split the profits, awards, and especially the variable remuneration for achievement of goals is something that should no longer be ignored by any company.

The entrepreneur, to understand that profit sharing is not lost, but investment by paying the extra effort of your business who drove up, it is very important. There should be no sense of loss, but for investment, who receives today will want to get more tomorrow, and this will have to struggle and work harder.

Investment in human being has a guaranteed return, provided that the rule is clear and widely disseminated, and you know exactly where to invest. Different, however, other investments, the human being feels and reacts with emotion and the actions taken thus should be taken into account the same as a whole, not just particular aspects or minutiae.

Could perhaps continue talking about it endlessly, but without reaching an end. I understand the points made are enough for a first beacon and that any company starting with the interest due on the road to recovery professional will certainly meet with the Human Resources professionals the most appropriate way to each case.

But there is one other point, which I need to play before closing this issue: respect.

There's Human Resources policy, there is no plan jobs and salaries, or career, there's Awards, there is no remuneration, there is no substitute for respect.

About the company itself, which will result in respect of its commitments to its employees.

Appropriate treatment, respectful, pleasant climate and creates a motivating that automatically bring as much or more benefit that all that I have already explained.

Respect the word, the policies adopted, the rules will bring certainty under the feet of employees and allow them to tread more firmly on the path set by the company.

If not convinced by the claim, then deny.

The feeling that someone is part of a group that violates, where the climate is unpleasant, where policies are changed at any time where the rules are changed halfway? The insecurity will lead directly to the professional motivation, and if a really good professional, to say goodbye to the company as soon as possible. And always, you can be sure.

Valuing Professional enough for the company to realize that behind their products behind their services, behind his work and made a human being that it needs the recognition of the certainty of the path that follows to be able to trust and respond according to desired.