Alexandre Aschenbach

The Great Cup


From everything we feel, what makes us more is our vision of ourselves.

Very often we find ourselves more than we are, most important, most impressive.

That's no problem because we are human, and so we behave for the defense of necessity or even ignorânica, but in this particular case, not by choice.

The society we live in, the medium in which we operate, often in shame, blame us, it complains and depresses. And so, instinctively, we defend ourselves.

Other times we have not had the opportunity to prepare ourselves to face some obstacles in life and, ignorant, inflate ourselves unconsciously aware of our smallness. We seek then decrease the other.

Reflecting on these facts that, if not afflict me or you will surely afflict someone close, I learned to see ourselves as a Great Cup.


We came to the world as a Great Cup: empty, polished, shiny, studded with diamonds.

Soon, the various liquids poured through us, just with our polishing and stealing our diamonds. And we are forced to make a choice ... choose burnish ourselves, pouring any liquid was spilled on us and restore our diamonds or choose to leave everything as is?

The best choice, like everything in life, is also perhaps the most difficult, more difficult, more painful. But, as always, the best choice will bring the best prize.

Many choose to leave everything as is, so that (they think) avoid sin. But what is the sin of him who, by choice, lets things happen outside your knowledge or intervention? Err by inaction is as or more serious mistakes in trying to correct the course of things. Not to participate in order to criticize or blame the other tastes like the smell of evil and rottenness. The knowledge of evil makes us even more responsible for seeking advise and encourage the good.

I'm not going further on this quest, on the job, because here is not the best place, but I can guarantee that in the end we will find such a Great Cup, which is ourselves, so polished, shiny and studded with diamonds that we will make you sure it was worth.

The Big Cup is the reward of life because we improved ourselves by our own efforts and dedication!