Alexandre Aschenbach

Stomp on!


"DADDY ... step ... for firm follow in his footsteps!"

When we have a son, we already know that many things will change, but we have no idea of how much is "too much". The change is greater than we realize at first, and sometimes something draws our attention to the size of the changes that occurred in our lives.

When I received the message got to thinking how much it meant ...

Since we started to understand something, we pick our way.

Sometimes we choose paths of flowers, sometimes paths full of stones, often thorny paths ...

This choice is not always guided by common sense is not always a healthy choice, but it is our choice.

How many times have flowered paths led us to dark places? And how many other times rocky paths, thorny, led us to oasis?

Most often we do not know exactly where the path we will give only believe that we will get somewhere nice, nice. We want the best for us, but we can make choices at least strange for our happiness.

In addition to happiness is a controversial topic, personal and nontransferable ...


And when we look at that tiny being, looking at us with bright eyes, shiny, with a smile and an expression of love, admiration and challenging, we might ask ourselves what paths we're following, what choices are we doing if we leave our footprints these paths for that little persecute them.

I think the best gift we can give our children on the children is give them the assurance that our choices will be the most intelligent, the right ones as possible.

Our legacy is the result of the ways in which we walk.

Leave rocks, thorns or flowers, regardless of what we find.

Even when we err when we step into false, we are still able to leave a lesson as an example.

I hope I can leave my daughter very clear footprints, steps that allow her to feel proud of your father!

I want to be able to plant a flower little by little, for it when going through the same path, remember the love and affection that his father had for her.

I wish I could be with some of these paths, perhaps all, even though I can not.

If one of my arms to give her lap, while missing my hands to caress her hair, while missing my eyes to shed tears for her where my missing voice to encourage her, God did not allow him to miss the flowers that I plant along the way ...

A great Children's Day!