Alexandre Aschenbach

Punishment lies ahead


Our country has been a safe cocoon for those who commit major crimes. Petty crime also ended up being borne by society and authorities. As time passed these attitudes really began to be annoying. Today we can see signs that companies no longer support impunity.

Some companies, however, still go further in the direction of permissiveness and non-punishment. What is happening to them? What else could happen?

In some companies, mostly family business, there is no fear of punishment. Their employees live generally in a pessimistic climate, dominated by laziness and “push-play” on the individuals’ responsibilities. For some, the environment becomes too tedious and / or their despondency and apathy becomes apparent or they end up leaving the company at the earliest opportunity.

The prospect of working in a place where nothing (or mostly nothing) makes up grounds for punishment may seem tempting, but believe me, it can get very ugly indeed.

Firstly, professional wills eventually accommodate themselves in their positions. We must not forget that this accommodation is positive in the sense that they will tend to remain in the business for a long time, but companies that do normally allow this also do not offer career plans. This means that the position that the professional holds should not be changed either, i.e., forget about promotions, salary raises, courses. If the professional settles and the company allows it, that’s a done deal and there is nothing more to be asked from one another.

Secondly, the convenience is not only for one professional, it will be for many or all of them. In this case no one will rise in order to improve things. Because there is no punishment and no growth, the general tendency towards complacency will take care of the business and it, in turn, will also stagnate.


Thirdly, we have the dreaded "musical chairs". Feared because the talented ones certainly will turn turn away from the environment while accommodating increasingly take account of the medium. The dance will take place so that professionals seeking self and company’s growth will not find fertile ground for planting are being replaced by professionals who are best suited to the environment, ie it will stagnate. The voice of the good staff will always be drowned out by the majority and, unless ledo mistake, most feel safe in their "comfort zone".

It follows that although the internal environment is unpleasant there is no switching movements, and, as there is no switching movements also do not feel the movement of conflict involving senior management and, in light of family owners, everything is in perfect order. They also settled down and believe that everything is flowing then nothing can be done. Who also settled some positive messages and pass on something that, if not negative, it will stay.

Blind and supported by professionals who want to keep their jobs and with effortless production, they perpetuate the policy of "hands on your head." Recovered will be those who remain for longer participating in this volcano illusions that became the company and if someone tries to speak against it, will then be punished. And that will not doom the company, but from their peers and superiors, because they are not willing to invest time and effort to win nothing more than they already have.

In time, the business will greatly suffer from this scenario, because it will lose the brains, the ones who have in them the will and ambition and will be left with those who prefer to be leaning in the corner, getting their wages religiously on time and, in return offering only what will ensure the maintenance of the status quo.

Many professionals who are in this situation become bitter, but they forget that those who are not satisfied should move on. Who would disagree with: “If it bothers you, move on”? Therefore, the complaint is actually in a muffled voice, with fingers almost pointing to themselves.

Many professionals who are calling this situation, but they forget that those who are not happy to move. Who disagrees that "bothered to change it? For then the claim is actually in a muffled voice, almost with fingers pointed at himself.

Unable to find something better, unable to face the market and climb to a dignified position, they accommodate themselves where they are, sitting in their chairs and watching the time go by, ignoring the fact that the time will go by not only for the company but for themselves. Their only concern is not to attract any attention to themselves and so ensure the status quo. If the company decides to resolve the internal state in which it finds itself, they will, for sure, be lost and this is the only concern that drives them on.

The punishment, my friends, in the end will come, if not from the company, from the employment market and although it will hurt the company itself, it will also hit them hard.