Alexandre Aschenbach

International Women's Day and Hypocrisy


In my view all that segregates, all that stands out making something different, which explains everything ends up being harmful.

Take for example the International Women's Day.

Created in 1910 in Denmark, the International Day of Women recalls on March 8, 1857, when an American city in the state of New York worker of a textile factory occupied the factory and claimed in a strike, the better working conditions. The claims were experiencing a reduction in the daily workload, equalization of wages to men and humane treatment in the workplace.

The women ended up locked in the factory, which was then burned. Died in the blaze about 130 women.

The date then ended officially only in 1975 by a decree of the United Nations (UN).

You can drill down in history going to the website of the UN.

The goal, since its inception, is complete with prejudice, discrimination and devaluation of women in the world in all directions and areas.

Noble goal, but to my mind, hypocritical.


Hypocritical because the human being creates social situations, and maintains, to say that does something, you remember, created the "Day of ...".

Thus we have the International Women's Day, International Day of Disabled Persons, International Day of Peace International Day of Man (yes there is, look on Wikipedia), International Day Against Homophobia, International Youth Day, International Day of Tolerance Day International Racial Discrimination, International Animal Rights Day, International Day of Indigenous Peoples, International Day of Down syndrome, International Day Care stuttering, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking and so on.

To create a day for each illness in the world? To remind us of these ills, we focus our attention to social and material?

We do not need any of these "International Days", we only need that every day is the day of the improve, to practice empathy, we do the other things we wish were done to ourselves. So simple teaching, sidelined for 364 days, remembered the "International Day of Something"!

How to deliver flowers today to someone who was beaten yesterday? How to smile at someone who yesterday was spat? How to congratulate someone at the company when it is treated "differently" every day? How to be so ignorant throughout the year for in just one day be "human"?

I do a campaign here: act as if tomorrow was the International Day of Being Cordial, Human Kind; to have Common Sense, to practice humility, to Drive with Civility; Split; of Interact, the hugs and kisses.

Repeat after tomorrow, and after, and then to get back on 8 March If you can, if you practice, I can bet you will be part of this current fighting against discrimination and prejudice without a " International Day "because every day will have fulfilled its role as citizen and human being.

And maybe even then you endorse this article. I hope there!