Alexandre Aschenbach

Inertia Profiteers


A popular proverb says that the worst blind man is the one who does not want to see.

I do not agree with this. I believe there are two distinct kinds of blind men, both as bad as each other: there are blind men who do not want to see and there are those who pretend not to see.

Both of them resulting in the same awkward process of inertia that corrupts our lives.

Changes are there for everyone's taking. Changes come with opportunities and pitfalls. We are invited to investigate, to test, to experiment and then take a position about them. That is the only way to evolve.

Unfortunately there are those who are not moved by this invitation.

These kind of people perceive these movements of change bumping into them, but quickly deal with them by hiding under their veils we all know well.

Some feed the discredited, saying that changes will result in nothing.They know that if they don’t make changes themselves, things will remain as they are. Usually they do not convince anyone else, but they group themselves together and get things going as they are at the present. They avoid changes that would benefit everyone in exchange for a pseudo-tranquility for themselves.

Others seek flaws in change proposals. They try to show the safety that resides in keeping everything as they are. They know people are fearful by nature and take advantage of this. They find echoes in their arguments and thus manage to keep things stagnant, rotting as old fruits.

Still there are those who hide behind their own fears. They try to reinforce the importance of keeping everything in the status quo. They are arrogant, narcissistic and cannot see ahead their own noses. They believe the best way is their way. They take any criticism as a threat and a war. They know deep down that their capacity for changes is limited and they are afraid of what might happen if they try to surf the wave, so they avoid falls and failures by blowing their own trumpets.


All groups, regardless of whether through fear or ignorance, are inertia profiteers. They benefit from the disrepute instaured in the past to mantain the status quo and the current benefits. They are selfish enough to ignore the common growth and good in exchange of thier own personal status. They are weak and fearful and cannot take a step ahead without hiding themselves in their own ignorance.

They are responsible, for they are conscious of their attitudes and actions or, at worst, they are drifted by the currents and do not have the willpower to swim against them.

These kind of people keep things as they are and so eliminate the perspective of changes in society and industries.

In the workplace they identify themselves with the most isolated places, farther away rooms and closed doors. They don’t believe in circulating and exposing themselves, this way avoiding the risk of being called upon and hearing any “suggestions”.

When in a position of command it gets even worse, they can take the company backwards and, as when a ship sinks, take all the crew with it.

I have a friend who says we must oxygen ourselves, our ideas, our minds and our methods. From the moment we wear a diving suit and hide from the world we leave life opportunities aside.

It is certain that every opportunity hides some kind of risk. This is an inherent fact of our lives. We cannot grow without bypassing some obstacles but it is definitely impossible to grow without walking.

There is always a choice, there is always an option.

If you know people like the ones described here, try not to be as they are. Analyse and grab the opportunities whenever possible. You may regret it, but not taking the opportunity might be even worse.