Alexandre Aschenbach

Grandmothers should not die


Grandmothers should last forever, should keep forever those bright eyes and frail body, framed only for us, their grandchildren.

They should keep their soft-spoken and their feigned fierceness tone, which disguises the kindness in each reprimand, in each scold.

Grandmothers should have an eternal life breath, an infinite flame to feed their desire and love.

Because, Grandma, I am still here. Sad, sad.

I miss talking to you, embracing you, telling you everything, get things off my chest.

Grandmother is something that seems was born that way: able to hear you, criticize you and caress, but respecting. They get happy just because you are happy. They get sad when they do not see you for a long time, but they forget everything and smile just when they hear your voice.

I am here without you... sad, sad.

We know that grandmas have to go, eventually. We know that for sure, but they have the gift to give us the hope that they will never go away...

Grannies are those who take our heart without even trying. They take care of our heart without even knowing. But then, when the time comes there is a cold feeling...

They take with them many of our hopes and much of our childhood.


I'm here without you, sad ... sad.

But they left their image, their sweetness, their eyes in our mind.

Even though they have gone, we believe so hard that would never happen that we learn to have more hope. Even though we get frustrated, we can then understand much that happened, many words they said and many "non-words".

And our desire to have them again makes us try to repeat everything, live again, start from the beginning, enjoying better every moment ... but it will not happen!

In the end we're sure that was the time, but it is not worth the suffering. The time may soften the lack, but it will not cure anything.

There is an empty hole, sad ... sad!

Grandma, I got to know that I will have you only in my thoughts, in my memory.

If I want to talk to you now? How will I do that? Do you promise you will hear me?

Do not worry, Grandma, I will always know you will answer me, and it is part of the eternal hope you teached me. I do not know if I can talk to you now without a sob, a tear ...

Anyway, grandmas should not die!