Alexandre Aschenbach

Ethical Behavior


The word ethics is originated from the Greek ethos, which means “how to be”, “character”. Through the Latin mos (or the plural mores), which means “customs”, derived the word moral.

In Philosophy, Ethics means “what is good for the individual and for society”, and its study helps establish the nature of obligations in the relationship between individuals and society.

We are living an ethical crisis in the country and, why not say, in the world.

Personal interests are always placed over the common good, each person climbs their own way no matter how they may harm others.

This kind of behavior is reflected in companies. It is well known that human beings behave in the same way inside and outside companies. If not, why have so many checks when hiring someone? Rigid behavior rules would be enough and everyone would follow them automatically.

It is of no use to swim against the tide, it is important to understand and believe that the problem exists: it is essential to be prepared for the unethical behavior of others, while we are not allowed to behave like them ourselves.

Since Rui Barbosa we see unwanted behavior used as an example. This is what the lawyer said: “As man sees the triumph of nullities, lack of honor prospering, injustice growing, power concentration in the hands of evil people, he is discouraged to be virtuous, he laughs at honor, he is ashamed of being honest.” (Federal Senate, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Complete Books. v.41 t.3, 1914, p.86).

It is true we all fail sometimes, but as I have read somewhere: “… do not judge anyone by his fall, but by the way he rises.” I like the citation, but I will always consider how many times someone must fail in order not to let it become the rule to fail expecting forgiveness.

Ethical behavior is personal, not collective.

Ethical behavior is not to be divulged, but its effects reflect on everyone.

Ethical behavior is inborn, but it is also a choice.

From time to time we are affronted by some questions which allow us to deviate from the ethical path. There are indecent proposals available to everyone.


And what do we choose? What do you choose?

It is not a question you answer to me or to anyone else, you will find the answer within yourself.

And we must treat this issue with due importance, because the consequences of our actions will last for a long time.

It is easy to identify who is not quite so ethical because it is he, who usually doubts others honesty, who is always waiting for people to do to them what he would do to others, because “the one who uses, cares”.

What really surprises me are people who hurt others with their own behavior and then manage to sleep peacefully at night. This kind of person has been way out of the right path for a long time and are essentially evil.

I believe it is enough if you choose correctly, if you are guided by ethics, by honesty and by virtue and believe others will do the same. By acting like that we will have a better world, our lives will be more peaceful and successful.

Maybe not so much money or prestige will be earned, but we will spread around us a little bit of tranquility and peace, which ultimately will return to us as pleasure and satisfaction.

The ethical professional is known for his actions, for his answers; there is no shadow of doubt in his actions; he never acts to harm anyone intentionally and much less to harm the company; he does not believe that it justifies taking unethical, illegal or dishonest paths to achieve the end objective.

It is not always easy to have an ethical behavior, and sometimes the path which seems to be the right one will guide you to a tragic ending.

Here is a little exercise I do every time I am in doubt: imagine you will have to tell a loved one the actions you are taking and all its consequences, it may be your father, your mother, your partner, son or daughter. If you can imagine yourself sitting face to face and telling them (not explaining) about your actions and their consequences, then go ahead. Otherwise consider changing your actions.

Simple and practical, no need for previous practice or experience: only feelings.

Being able to tell my life to the ones I love is my Ethical Behavior measure.