Alexandre Aschenbach

Balancing one’s dedication to work


It is common to find employees in companies who strive beyond the expectation .

This dedication, however, must have a limit.

And each one sets his limit, considering, however, one basic rule: everything has its time and there must be time for everything, and this division should be respected.

Employees who do not take vacation are often seen as victorious, and many still boast, using this argument as the driving force for their growth and as a way to demonstrate their dedication.

This is a mistake. For both, the business and the professional,for the lack of rest periods is harmful both in the short and long term.

First of all, humans should and must rest. Our bodies do not endure long periods without rest, or, they will make us pay for it and the bill is usually more expensive than we are willing to pay.

Also, the human being is gregarious, needs time to devote himself to family, friends, fun, and finally allow himself some pleasure.

While we're on the road to success we often forget that we have people who expect from us more than just money and sustenance: they expect attention, dedication, effort and personal presence, effectively. And relationships, without contact, degrade.

We need to consider how important it is to give that expensive toy to our child or to be with her or him and play together with a less expensive toy.

We need to consider how important it is to give jewellery with gold and diamonds to our wives or be with them at the movie theatre.

If you ask someone who loves you what they prefer, for sure the answer is straightforward: your presence.

Leisure and rest must be part of our lives. If we make a comparison, direct work without rest is like walking for hours and hours with no stop. We can achieve this, but the result will be, at least, some body aches. If we extend this to our lives, we will have similar results.

In our journey to success sometimes we leave friends and family aside, ignore the warnings from doctors and from our bodies. You may not believe, but the human body is extremely wise when it comes to our well being but, let’s not take it to the extreme, as many will believe that their bodies tell them that they must rest all day, every day. Of course this is an exaggeration, in which case they need to seek psychological help.

Therefore, we must divide our time so that everything we need to do can be fitted within 24 hours. More than that, we must fit in these 24 hours all that is important to us, such as: work, health, leisure, rest, family and friends.

The other day I was getting ready to go to work at night. Normally I work during the day, like most people, but on this particular day I had to go home and leave again. My three years old daughter hugged me and simply said: Daddy, you forgot to sleep!

In my ignorance I explained to her that I had not forgotten, that I would actually go back to work without sleep, but would return as soon as possible.

In fact my daughter was teaching me. Her knowledge was the most simple logic: we sleep, we wake up, we work and then we return home, always so. Our bodies and minds need it.


We are not machines, we are not automatic, and we need the rest.

How to obtain this rest? Respecting your body, respecting your mind, working effectively in a day-to-day basis to get, as a result, the peace of mind to rest and not to lose sleep over overdue tasks.

A day effectively dedicated to the company makes a difference when it results in some moments of rest and fun with family and friends. Otherwise, we should not work.

After all, what do we work for? For sustenance, for money.

But what is money?

Money does not serve itself only to be earned or to buy goods, it serves itself to be enjoyed, to be used in an intelligent and healthy way.

For, the more pleased we are with our work and the sole and exclusive dedication we give to it, we must not forget that one day we'll stop working and, then, when we look around us, what will we see? If now we do not properly devote the necessary time for everything important in our lives, there will be nothing left.

When we evaluate our actions in relation to the time we devote to each activity we will normally find some problems with routing. Not always what is most important for us is where we invest more time and effort, and vice versa.

What dows give you pleasure? How much do you invest in that pleasure? Who do you like? How much effort do you invest in that relationship?

At some point we realize that we are doing something wrong, and when this happens, we immediately invert the values and we have a problem yet again.

It is of no use to realize that we are not devoting enough time to what is more important then simply turning the table over and attacking the other side without discretion.

We would not feel completely satisfied unless we dedicated ourselves to work as well.

The big secret is the solution to this equation, for this is what would make us really happy, the balance between the needs of body, mind, family and work.

Is it possible? Yes! And there is no magic formula, because each one of us has his or hers own needs, wants and desires, but we must be sure that all of this “fits” within the time we have. Just have a hard look and be firm about your purposes

A day has only 24 hours; a week only seven days, a month only four weeks and a year only 12 months, this is unchangeable, the only thing we must take into account is: how long will our lives be?