Alexandre Aschenbach

Leaders know how to add


By analyzing people we identify their talents, abilities, qualities, potentials and individual defects.

This is important because in people interaction each individual brings those features individually and the result of adding those individual features, contrary to what one might think, is not simply the sum of all these factors. more...

Grandmothers should not die


Grandmothers should last forever, should keep forever those bright eyes and frail body, framed only for us, their grandchildren.

They should keep their soft-spoken and their feigned fierceness tone, which disguises the kindness in each reprimand, in each scold.
Grandmothers should have an eternal life breath, an infinite flame to feed their desire and love. more...

Communication's Five "I"


We are living at the “Information Era”, and the information is widely available.

Finding information is not the greatest difficulty, but to organize and understand it is another story. For this matter I assume the information is available and we are capable of organizing and understanding it in order to achieve success.

Knowledge is exactly that: obtain, organize and understand information. more...

Building Mountains


For a long time I've doubted we had the ability to build mountains. I finally learned that it is a simple task.

Just take a piece of clay and place it on a flat terrain.

You've built the Mountain!

Mountains come in some sizes and formats. Building this small mountain was easy. more...

Punishment lies ahead


Our country has been a safe cocoon for those who commit major crimes. Petty crime also ended up being borne by society and authorities. As time passed these attitudes really began to be annoying. Today we can see signs that companies no longer support impunity.

Some companies, however, still go further in the direction of permissiveness and non-punishment. What is happening to them? What else could happen? more...

Balancing one’s dedication to work


It is common to find employees in companies who strive beyond the expectation .

This dedication, however, must have a limit.

And each one sets his limit, considering, however, one basic rule: everything has its time and there must be time for everything, and this division should be respected. more...

Habits to avoid loosing time


Missed deadlines, lost appointments, lost opportunities ... very  annoying!

How to keep everything organized so as not to miss the deadline?

I have, over the years, learned a way of not letting anything pass.  It's simpler than you imagine, but it helped me a lot, and today I will  share this simple but effective idea with you.. more...

International Women's Day and Hypocrisy


In my view all that segregates, all that stands out making something different, which explains everything ends up being harmful.

Take for example the International Women's Day. more...

Hypocrisy and Learning


In our innermost feelings, how many beliefs, how many truths, how many ideas and how many virtues we know we don't have?

This certainty, which afflicts the hearts of honest men, is the lever that drives growth, thinning the brutality and callousness of man to obtain the necessary polish to act in earnest and within the ethics and morals that civilized life proposes. more...

Inertia Profiteers


A popular proverb says that the worst blind man is the one who does not want to see.

I do not agree with this. I believe there are two distinct kinds of blind men, both as bad as each other: there are blind men who do not want to see and there are those who pretend not to see.

Both of them resulting in the same awkward process of inertia that corrupts our lives. more...

Bethind the Pictures


We find several images on the Internet which deal with optical illusion.


These are images that sharpen our imagination, which make us look for something that is hidden. And we seek, we try to find only by the challenge of finding something new, something different. more...

Wee as a grain of sand


How long to realize that we are so tiny as a grain of sand!

Of a sudden our lives can change the shape of our world can no longer be so rounded, be a little less than perfect ... and that's when we realized how much we need one another, how fragile we are.

Often by disease, others by the presence of imminent death, others simply by the deep inner reflection ... does not matter ... we realize our smallness. more...

Responsability and Urgency


We are responsible for everything that happens to us because we are the agents that trigger everything.

Sometimes we wonder why something is happening to us, but if we take a deeper look we will find a past action that initially triggered all the events that culminated in the present situation.

Once a colleague came in all dirty and complaining, because he had problems with his car. I asked what had happened and he told me that the car engine had boiled. more...

Stomp on!


"DADDY ... step ... for firm follow in his footsteps!"

When we have a son, we already know that many things will change, but we have no idea of how much is "too much". The change is greater than we realize at first, and sometimes something draws our attention to the size of the changes that occurred in our lives.

When I received the message got to thinking how much it meant ...

Since we started to understand something, we pick our way. more...

Sunday with Family


As much as we strive to innovate, we keep going back to basics. And the family is perhaps the primary concept of origin that we know.

Sunday ends up reminding us of this (and also that Monday will be charged the toil). more...

Valuing Work and Self-Motivation


The virtuous circle of recovery Professional and Self Motivation is something that can not be ignored. In the relentless search for professionals who meet the company needs, many companies forget to do your part. Very often officials also expect to receive your bit and leave the responsibility of the motivation for the company. more...

The Great Cup


From everything we feel, what makes us more is our vision of ourselves.

Very often we find ourselves more than we are, most important, most impressive.

That's no problem because we are human, and so we behave for the defense of necessity or even ignorânica, but in this particular case, not by choice.

The society we live in, the medium in which we operate, often in shame, blame us, it complains and depresses. And so, instinctively, we defend ourselves. more...

Are Projects Designed to Fail?


This is a much discussed subject, but it seems to have no ending. I do not intend to find an answer, but it is impossible to let the subject go.

It does not matter which kind of project we are talking about because even if they are either professional or personal, the behaviors are almost the same. more...

Who gives up on others gives up on themselves


All of us have experienced a situation in which we make a mistake and need to apologise, maybe change our attitude, maybe look for another way of doing things in order not to make the same mistake again.

We have been judged many times for our mistakes. Worse even is that we have been judged, convicted and labelled. Does anyone have the right to judge us and not allow us to redeem ourselves? more...

Ethical Behavior


The word ethics is originated from the Greek ethos, which means “how to be”, “character”. Through the Latin mos (or the plural mores), which means “customs”, derived the word moral.

In Philosophy, Ethics means “what is good for the individual and for society”, and its study helps establish the nature of obligations in the relationship between individuals and society.

We are living an ethical crisis in the country and, why not say, in the world. more...



How good to be Daddy!

Get silly once in a while, listening to a little one to call.

Answer the same question a thousand times, embracing and kissing.

Feeling responsible, yelled, but then just let it be.

Amused than it really is not just for a laugh from those who laugh at you!

Feel as much when you ask her lap, even feeling the weight of age is inconsistent with the weight of the shoot. more...

The Biggest Sin


How many times we her experts explaining what we must not do, examples of failures where the actions of one or more individuals caused huge losses? And so many other times they tell us what to do and how to do it.

This kind of approach causes fear of error. Many people believe this is important: if someone is afraid of making mistakes then he/she tend to act within the pre-established norms and standards, and some people believe this ensures the ideal outcome. more...